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I am trying to call the posted mobile number but it seems like it cannot be contacted. I am planning to visit your place this weekend and would like to talk with the reservation and ask some other relative thing about the intro dive. hope you can give me the right contact details please. thank you.

Rates please. The website doesn't have the rates for Room rental, entrance fee, etc. Please send me the list of rates in Philippine Peso, if possible, everything you have. :)) Thank you.

hi there, would u please describe how to get to ur resort in details

I am so glad that you shared this post with us.

Would it be possible for you to send me your rates? It seems that the website lacks the actual rates for all corresponding services.

Also, are you "lone diver" friendly dive resort? It has been a practice in Anilao to squeeze in lone divers to available dive groups (which is great to meet new friends!). But if there is no group to accommodate him/her, the price of a dive trip becomes prohibitively expensive for a solo diver...



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